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Martha & Jerry E.

Thank you so much for the wonderful care Jerry received during his stay with you. We were both very impressed with the whole facility, as well as the wonderful staff. We were also very impressed with your physical therapy staff.
The quality, frequency and personnel were just wonderful!!
Thank you all so much!

Mary & Christine E.

Thanks to all of you who took good care of our mother during her many years at your facility.
We appreciate all that you did for her!
God Bless-

Mardie, John & Laurie F.

On behalf of my brother and sister I am writing to express our deepest admiration and appreciation for the kindness and care shown to our father, Jack F. during the last six months of his life. In addition, please know how much we appreciated the care giving to our mother during her stay at your facility.

To the staff of West 2, your professionalism and care is incredible. Our dad was special to us, and, it was evident that he became special to you. As his condition began to decline, you still laughed and talked with him; that was very important to him and by extension us. Dad had said that what bothered him the most were the “disconnects” and that when you all talked with him you made the “disconnects” go away for a while.

For myself, being a nurse practitioner and living at a distance in Utah, it was so comfortable to be able to call at any hour of the day or night (and I did!) to get a status update, often accompanied by a quick anecdote of something Dad had said that day. I called almost every day and feel that I had a relationship with you all, albeit over the phone. You never made me feel that my calls were an intrusion on what I know were busy days. When I came to visit in February and in June, all the names became faces and the care and compassion you had shown me over the phone was offered to me in person. You laughed with me during the better times, and you hugged me when I cried as things got worse for Dad.

On behalf of my brother and sister, we would like to extend a special thanks to Jill, Rosemary, Chris, Dinah, Jan, Kima, Judith, Marie, Jeromie, Nancy, and Deanna. While I know I have missed some of you, please please know we appreciate you all.